Первые виноделы

вторник, февраля 15, 2011 7:30

Если коротко - долгое время ученые (и не только британские) считали, что впервые вино стали делать в Египте около 3000 года до новой эры. До этого, дескать, жили трезвыми. В 1991 году канадская студентка (!!) Вирджиния Бадлер предположила, что внутренняя поверхность шумерского кувшина, хранившенося в канадском музее, не окрашена, а испачкана красным вином. Спектральный анализ подтвердил ее догадку и отодвинул дату начала серьезного виноделия на 500 лет в прошлое.

The last of wine

The earliest inventions - fire, baws and arrows, wheeled carts - are the most difficult to place in time. New excavations and methods of analysis can overthrow the hoariest of received opinions on who invented what when. A case in point is the first manufacture of wine.

The last of wine For a long time, the earliest aidence of wine manufacture came from Egypt from about 3000 B.C. Then, in 1991, Canadian graduate student Virginia Badler made a new claim about a dirty fragment of pottery from a Sumerian site in western lran dating from about 3500 B.C. The interior of the pottery, housed at the Royal Ontario Museum, was stained red. Some archaeologists thought it was paint; Badler thought it was wine.

Chemists at the University of Pennsylvania put the issue to the test by analyzing the reddish residue with infrared spectroscory, a method that distinguishes chemicals by the wavelengths of light they absorb. They found that the residue was rich in tannic acid, an organic substance found almost without exception in grapes. Badler was proven right and the date for the invention of wine was pushed back five hundred years.



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